Title: Coming to Oklahoma

Date: 2018
Artist: Bill Baker (b. 1961)
Culture: American
Material: Pastels
Size: 55” H x 92.5” L
Credit: Museum Commission
On View: No

Bill Baker discovered his love of art while working as a carpenter in New York City. He eventually enrolled in art classes at the Duchess County Community College. However, he quickly decided that traveling the world would be more rewarding than a formal art education.

Baker’s inspiration comes from years of travel to remote villages, where he stays for months to better experience local cultures. To date, he has visited 55 different countries. He is currently working on a ten-episode series, Artist Adventurer, for the Travel Channel.

This piece, commissioned by the Museum for its 2018 expansion, features the world’s indigenous cultures coming to McCurtain County. A copy of the original will hang in the Museum’s new lobby.

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