Title: Kiua Polychrome Jar

Date: ca. 1800
Culture: Cochiti (New Mexico, United States)
Material: Painted earthenware
Size: 18.5” H x 21” Diam.
Credit: Gift of Quintus H. and Mary H. Herron
On View: No

Kiua polychrome jars are known for both their size and distinctive black-on-cream design. Based on its design, this vessel was probably made at Cochiti, one of the two sites where Kiua-style jars were made. Unlike similar pots made at Santo Domingo, this one features a series of thinly-painted motifs.

The jar is divided into panels, each with a central motif that probably represents a flower. The use of a single motif set against a blank background is a characteristic feature of Kiua Polychrome designs that was continued by later potters at Cochiti.

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