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Founder's Gallery

The Founder’s Gallery celebrates the generosity of the Herron family and other major donors to the collections. It features some of the finest examples of material culture available for public study. Next to the Founder’s Gallery is the J. Marshall and Sally Gettys Family Gallery. This new, intimate exhibit space honors the work of the late J. Marshall Gettys, and the continuing generosity of his wife Sally Gettys, their extended family, and friends.

lidded basket

Lidded Double-Wall Trunk, ca. 1970, by Eva Wolf. (Cherokee [North Carolina], 1922 to 2004). Gift of Sara Gettys and Heather DeMunn, In Memory of J. Marshall Gettys.

Twilight Song, ca. 1990 by Allan Houser. (Chiricahua Apache, 1914 – 1994). Gift of John and Dr. Meryl Lavine.

A rounded, abrascted women covered in a blanket (by Allan Houser)
A glass crest hat with traditional tlingit motifs by Preston Singletary

Tlingit Crest Hat, 2002 by Preston Singletary. (Tlingit, b. 1963). Museum Purchase.

Tripod Effigy Jar, ca. 1250 – 1500. Greater Nicoya (Costa Rica/ Nicaragua). Gift of Quintus H. and Mary H. Herron. 

A ceramic vessel with the head of an ocelot molded onto it
A ceramic sculpted in the shape of a warrior's face

Portrait Head Bottle, 100 BC – AD 700. Moche (Peru). Gift of Quintus H. and Mary H. Herron.

Brush Holder, early 19th century. China. Gift of Nathaniel and Lana Grey.

A large jade brush holder decorated with cranes and trees
A large, abstract horse effigy made from West Africa

Animal Effigy, ca. 1850. Djenné (Mali). Gift of Ben Pickard. 

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