Expressions of Youth 2023 Winners

Best of Show

Best of Show (Ages 11 to 14)

Handmade Native American Ribbon Skirt

by Aliyah Browning

Best of Show (Ages 15 to 19)

A portrait of Farrah

by Jalee Stinnett

2D Art (Ages 11 to 14)

1st Place: Dark Soldier

by Shayla Stowe

2nd Place: Bridge

by Kimberly Ramirez Mendez

3rd Place: On Her Own

by Sabrina Dyck

2D Art (Ages 15 to 19)

1st Place: Enigma

by Boston Springfield

2nd Place: Esoteric Fray

by Isabella Theye

3rd Place: Glimpse of Reality

by Brock Currin

3D Art (Ages 11 to 14)

1st Place: Breakfast

by Mason Miller

2nd Place: The Mask We Wear

by Lendan West

3rd Place: Break Free

by Danielle Halliburton

3D Art (Ages 15 to 19)

1st Place: Los Reacciones de Carlitas

by Adamaris Jimenez

2nd Place: Persistence

by Alan Aquinaga

3rd Place: Human Nature

by Zoe Tarbill

Notable Works

Honorable Mention (Ages 11-14)

Nashuka Lawa

by Joshalyn Tallant

Honorable Mention (Ages 15-19)


by Zoe Tarbill

Special Award: Digital Art

Little Boy Blue

by Hannah Grace Walker

Special Award: Photography

Working Dog

by Jadee West

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