Title: Untitled Sketch

Date: ca. 1975
Artist: Lee Joshua (1937 – 2001)
Culture: Creek and Seminole (Oklahoma, United States)
Material: Ink on paper
Size: 11” H x 17” W
Credit: Gift of Ray and Tracie Trotter
On View: No

Lee Joshua is the cousin of Jerome Tiger, an incredibly prolific and talented artist who produced hundreds of paintings and sketches from 1962 to 1967. His paintings were often sold as quickly as he made them and as a result, most of them remain in private collections.

After Jerome passed away, his mother wanted someone to continue his legacy, specifically with regards to recording Creek and Seminole cultures. Lee Joshua was one of the many family members who answered the call and eventually exhibited his works throughout the United States. 

This sketch was originally recorded as a Jerome Tiger piece. However, based on conversations with his family, it is probably the work of his cousin, Lee Joshua.

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